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It Does Not Do To Dwell On Dreams [entries|friends|calendar]

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[14 Dec 2009|09:55pm]
europe: i can't wait to meet you
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[16 Jul 2009|08:29pm]
i'm cleaning me and nathan's room right now
it's so funny because the only things i keep coming across are:

-movie scripts
-sketch scripts
-anatomy diagrams
-science papers
-music (cds, sheets of music, music software, etc)

that's it.
but there is such an abundance of them it's ridiculous!
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[23 Jun 2009|11:05pm]

I just watched this super fucked up special on abc about teen pregnancy... i'm happy I can never be a teen mom. also, I'm going to Tennessee on Friday.

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[16 Dec 2008|12:36pm]
it is quite possible that i am the dumbest person alive to date.
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hilarious! [18 Nov 2008|06:58pm]
Send your own ElfYourself eCards
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[09 Nov 2008|01:30am]
this week was eventful because...
-finding out we might take the ban on greyhound racing to the supreme court to overthrow it
-lots of work
-my dad is moving to tampa?
-makin' dough
-coming home
-eating a mass amount of braden's halloween candy
-investing in a scanner 10 years later than everyone else
-driving for the first time in over a month
-looking through tonsss of family pictures with my mom, they were hilarious
-having soft hair
-having clear skin on my face for once in 7 years

whew. this has been a long week.
i need to go to bed! i can't sleep! i have a problem!
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[02 Oct 2008|02:53pm]
yesterday, i saw a funny book in the bookstore titled "72 things younger than john mccain"
in it were:
-the chocolate chip cookie
-fm radio
-"the ten commandments" ---- the movie, not the real thing, but still funny to say
-the golden gate bridge
-mt. rushmore
-the polio vaccine
-area codes
-israel, iceland, indonesia, AND pakistan
-this car

there were others, i forget them. those were funny though.
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[10 Jul 2008|08:15pm]
i'm really stressing outtt
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[16 Nov 2007|12:45pm]
is it bad i don't remember the last time i showered?
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[09 Sep 2007|02:57pm]
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[16 Jul 2007|04:19pm]
i saw this on perezhilton.com and i just want to knwo where this girl's belly button is...

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i see something that may resemble one, but seriously...
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[21 Jun 2007|12:05am]
it gets me real pissed off and it makes me wanna say
it gets me real pissed off and it makes me wanna say
it gets me real pissed off and it makes me wanna say
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[09 May 2007|06:09pm]
i am extremely mad right now. i had an incompetent group for a zoology project. i talked to my professor about it and she said i wouldn't be punished in my grade for that. yea, ok, only i got a 78 on the project. i NEVER get bad grades on projects and i am extremely mad right now. i'm going to email her about this because i am not happy right now >:o
other than this, i had a pretty good day. it's extremely hot right now and my room is sweltering. i have studied for my biomedical ethics final tomorrow and i am pretty confident about it. i am not, however, confident about my gpa this semester. it's really bothering me. i really need to do extremely well from now on in everything.

i think the word "extremely" sums up this entry.
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[17 Feb 2007|04:33pm]
what happens to britney spears when she has no friends to talk to before making drastic, stupid decisions?

she fucking shaves her head.

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she looks so bad.

i had a paraffin bath for my hands today.
they're really nice now.
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[14 Oct 2006|10:18pm]
i love the movie hocus pocus so much.
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[11 Oct 2006|01:13am]
why am i always awake?
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[25 Sep 2006|06:54pm]
i love when people ask me for relationship advice
because really,
it's awesome.
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[25 Sep 2006|01:33pm]
sooo i have so much work to do
the college work load is seriously catching up to me and it's a killer!
but also, let's talk about how my english class is supposed to be an hour and always ends early.
such as today
my class was 10 fucking minutes long.
i want to know what i am paying for.
SHIT. that's what.
that's why i'm peacing out.
so i can actually have money well spent.
i do not need 3 kindergarten classes all the time.
fuck it.
my english final is to write a paper with about 1500 words.
i wrote like 10-12 page papers in high school.
this is all so fake.
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[24 Sep 2006|06:38pm]
[ mood | dorky ]

i'm pretty sure biology is taking over my life.
ughhhh i have read so much today and studied.
i mean, i guess that is what happens when you major in biology
but it is not fun
i am sick of reading about chemistry and cells and stuff

why am i complaining?!
because i am bored.

i think i want to throw out my featherbed
i am sick of it
although it is comfortable, i think it makes my back bad.
at school i am fine
but after sleeping here for two nights, my back feels like ass.
i don't know though.
also, the feather smell makes me mad a litte.

i'm beat.
i hope i get my second wind soon.

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[24 Sep 2006|12:04pm]
did ben savage (corey matthews) really die?!
this is what i am hearing.
and if it is untrue, someone please tell me.
i love boy meets world.
ughhh. he cannot be dead.
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