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It Does Not Do To Dwell On Dreams

30 May 1988
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I'm pretty much the coolest kid you could ever meet
'anitics galore', beltless pants, billy corgan, bk, bohemian everything, bsc and bs, canadians, cartman, dancing in the rain, dirtface, disney world, dr. christian troy, dreaming, dusthead, forever 21, germans wearing leterhosen, gimp, horoscopes, ice tea, im a baby, incense, jimmy buffet, justin timberlake, kids wearing bracelets, lemonade, making out, manfriends, march 18 2006, meditation, naked dancing village people, napoleon dynamite, napping, nathan wahl, new pencils, niptuck, past life shiznit, paul newman, pumpkinhead, school supplies, sewing, shopping, shrimp, silver cars, sims, sleeping, smashing pumpkins, south park, tarot cards